Our Proven Process 

Our four-step process for taking your Google Ads performance to the next level.  
Step 1: Full Campaign Audit
We thoroughly audit your existing Google Ads account, evaluating structure, settings, targeting, bidding, cost-per-action, and more.
Step 2: Insight Generation
Our experts identify opportunities related to campaign setup, ad relevance, quality score, audience targeting, keyword optimization, and conversion optimization.
Step 3: Strategic Planning
We provide a strategic roadmap to boost campaign performance, lower cost-per-click, improve conversion rates, and increase ROI.
Step 4: Execution
Our team makes recommended changes to the account and provides ongoing optimization to ensure continued success.

Benefits of a Google Ads Audit 

A professional audit provides tremendous value by aligning your campaigns with best practices. 
Increased Efficiency
We meticulously analyze campaign performance to identify and eliminate wasted spend. By removing ineffective keywords, low-performing ads, and poorly converting placements, we refocus your budget on the highest ROI opportunities.
Improved Performance
Auditing carefully examines the critical factors impacting account performance like quality score, ad relevance, and bid strategies. We optimize these key areas through A/B testing, landing page improvements, and granular bid adjustments to boost results.
Higher ROI
Beyond campaign structure, we dive deep into audience targeting and maximize conversion rates through landing page optimization and funnel analysis. Our strategies aim to reduce cost-per-conversion and increase return on ad spend.
Increased Visibility
Reconfiguring targeting parameters allows us to reach more of your ideal customers. Expanding placement and device targeting gives your ads the exposure needed to connect with high-intent users.
Deviate is incredibly thoughtful in their approach to our app's advertising strategy.  They're a data-driven team that executes at a high level and provides a lot of innovative ideas. We genuinely appreciate their enthusiasm and can-do attitudes! 
—Jenny Cipoletti @ Tivvit 

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