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If your startup has gone from “Zero to One”, Deviate Labs will help you go from One to a Million…
Deviate Labs is a growth marketing agency established in 2013 offering a wide spectrum of custom-tailored marketing services, both advisory and execution. We have worked with venture-backed startups like Dollar Shave Club, acquired by Unilever for $1 billion, celebrity-founded startups like Hello Bello, founded by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, bootstrapped ventures like Tapfiliate, the largest affiliate marketing SaaS company in Europe, Shark Tank featured startups like Lollaland, backed by Mark Cuban and Robert Herjavec, and Grammy-nominated musicians like Michael Marquart, the former drummer in the 80s rock band, A Flock of Seagulls. Our growth marketing campaigns have been featured on media outlets like CBS, VentureBeat, and NPR and Deviate Labs’ co-founders, Chad Riddersen and Raymond Fong, authored the Amazon Best Seller, “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret.”

Why Companies Choose Us

Deviate Labs marries time-proven marketing tactics with creative “out-of-the-box” growth hacks. We recognize that each client circumstance is unique and rather than fitting every client into a cookie-cutter marketing plan, we customize the go-to-market tactics for every engagement.

Deviate Labs is industry agnostic, having worked with clients across a breadth of industries including a famous tattoo artist, Roxx, with work featured in the Museum of Modern Art, the website hosting division of Automattic, the company behind WordPress, an interactive board game company, Beasts of Balance, backed by Amazon and acquired by Niantic, the creators of Pokémon Go, an Instagram influencer, Jenny Cipoletti, on the launch of a mobile app, a YouTube influencer, The Idaho Painter, on the launch of a private-label product line, and even an international conglomerate that owns the resale rights to all .tech domains.

Being that our work ranges from direct-to-consumer ecommerce companies, to enterprise SaaS companies to mobile apps to Grammy-nomination runs,Deviate Labs is adept at swiping a tactic working in one industry and deftly deploying that tactic in another industry. The free-flow exchange of ideas empowers us to harmonize a go-to-market approach in a way that differentiates Deviate Labs from “traditional” marketing agencies.

Deviate Labs is based in North America. Approximately half of our clients are based out of the United States ranging from London to Paris to Amsterdam to Mumbai to Shanghai and beyond. Oftentimes, we serve as the marketing ambassadors unlocking the riches of North American and helping transport tactics forged in the fire of America’s free market capitalism to regions around the world.

Three Examples of Growth Hacks

While our growth marketing ideologies are rooted in marketing fundamentals steeped with battle-tested strategies, under the right circumstances and with the right client, we have had the opportunity to implement growth hacks that have produced results that exceeded even our own expectations. Following are three examples with specific detail omitted for client-privileges reasons.
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One of our growth hacks was to help a budding celebrity pop artist break into Spotify’s “Viral 50” charts. Mission accomplished.

#1 Viral Song in the World

A celebrity pop artist hired us to help their budding band land a global tour. A freshly formed group of music artists had just released a 4-track “EP” album and was keen to top the charts to capture the attention of music industry gatekeepers and validate their world-touring aspirations. The primary goal was to top Spotify’s “Viral 50” charts and simultaneously support a rising tide across YouTube, Apple Music, Shazam, and other platforms. While we can’t disclose the technical details of our methodology, we can convey that Deviate Labs was able to help our client top the Viral charts, beating out the likes of Justin Timberlake and Drake, and land a global tour.

One of our growth hacks was to help a budding celebrity pop artist break into Spotify’s “Viral 50” charts. Mission accomplished.

Dogs vs. Cats was Deviate Labs growth marketing tactic that netted our client 40,000 free email leads in only 10 days.

Sold-Out Pre-Launch

on a $0 Ad Budget

We were retained by a Chinese pet product manufacturer that wanted to transition from Target and Walmart white-label partner to a direct-to-consumer household brand. Inspired by Google’s Star Wars homage and Harry’s infamous incentivized referral pre-launch, Deviate Labs cherry-picked components from both campaigns and created a one-of-kind mash-up for this client’s pre-launch. Leveraging our technical background in conjunction with our marketing prowess, we created a viral campaign that pitted dog-lovers against cat-lovers. Over the course of just 10 days and without spending a dime on advertising, the campaign page had 130,000+ unique visitors, achieved 40,000 email leads, got millions of social media impressions after getting traction from hundred of local animal shelters that resulted in 50,000+ social likes, shares, and comments Days after the official launch of their ecommerce site, most of their merchandise sold out due to popular demand.

Dogs vs. Cats was Deviate Labs growth marketing tactic that netted our client 40,000 free email leads in only 10 days.

Dogs vs. Cats was Deviate Labs growth marketing tactic that netted our client 40,000 free email leads in only 10 days.

Breaking Through the

Black Friday Noise

Radix, the conglomerate that owns top-level domain registration rights, retained Deviate Labs to identify and help execute a campaign to capture the attention of the tech community for their .tech domains. After a multi-month growth hacking ideation process we facilitated for our client, we settled on an “anti-ad campaign” scheduled to launch on the most crowded advertising week of the year, Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Deviate Labs conceived and architected a series of rooms filled with puzzles, ciphers, and trivia tailored for the tech community. Over 193,000 techies tried their hand at the puzzles, with the average visitor spending an astounding 17 minutes and 22 seconds on the website! The campaign spawned a multitude of media ranging from memes to YouTube solution tutorials to a dedicated Discord channel to a 5,000+ comment Reddit megathread and even a #DotGang merch petition. Our client, quite literally had people writing in saying that the campaign changed their life.

Radix’ Break The Code Growth Hack was a huge success resulting in literally life-altering experiences.

Full Suite of Growth Marketing Services

  • • Go-to-market strategies
  • • Product launch plans
  • • On-site growth hacking presentations
  • • Private growth hacking training sessions
  • • Growth financing use-of-proceeds preparation
  • • Marketing allocation analyses
  • • Advertising tactic audits
  • • Creative growth hacking campaign ideation
  • • Marketing org chart optimizations
  • • Marketing mix reviews
  • • Remarketing
  • • Celebrity endorsements
  • • Pay-per-click advertising
    (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, & more)
  • • On-site search engine optimization
  • • Off-site search engine optimization
  • • Email marketing
  • • Content marketing
  • • Display advertising
  • • PPV advertising
  • • Direct ad buys
  • • Co-marketing
  • • App store optimization
  • • A/B split testing
  • • Advertising analytics
  • • Grassroots digitally-focused PR
  • • Social media strategy
  • • Investor marketing
  • • Conversion focused design
  • • Direct mail
  • • Pre-roll video advertising
  • • Sponsorship strategies

... and More!


  • Paul Howey, CEO @ Talkroute
    An uncanny ability to come up with insanely creative solutions to the most difficult marketing problems.
    Paul Howey, CEO @ Talkroute
  • Rich Tipping @ Tipping Development
    I landed a million dollar deal the first week it went live.
    Rich Tipping @ Tipping Development
  • Joshua Guerrero @ IPAC
    Deviate Labs is technically sound, bold, and extremely creative in their strategic planning.
    Joshua Guerrero @ IPAC
  • Jim Salazar @ California Machinery Movers
    We consider ourselves truly fortunate to have found Deviate Labs to help us.
    Jim Salazar @ California Machinery Movers

One of our growth hacks was to help a budding celebrity pop artist break into Spotify’s “Viral 50” charts. Mission accomplished.

Founded by a Rocket

Scientist and a Silicon

Valley Investment Banker

One of our growth hacks was to help a budding celebrity pop artist break into Spotify’s “Viral 50” charts. Mission accomplished.

Deviate Labs is a growth marketing consulting agency that has worked with companies ranging from bootstrapped startups to billion-dollar enterprises across every conceivable industry. Clients include venture-backed startups like Dollar Shave Club, a half dozen companies featured on ABC’s reality TV show Shark Tank, a multi-billion dollar Korean conglomerate, a world-renowned tattoo artist, among a wide variety of others.

Deviate Labs is known for creatively cross-pollinating marketing tactics across industries and swiping emerging growth tactics from small startups and deploying them across large enterprises. Undergirding our tactical execution is a widely-adopted growth hacking framework, the ASP™ Sales Flywheel, that was first introduced in the book, “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret”, which was co-authored by Deviate Labs’ co-founders Raymond Fong and Chad Riddersen.

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