Editorial Policy

Deviate Labs is committed to its editorial policies concerning publication of primary research and data and that information can be found below. We will continue to make independent decisions based on our existing policies and principles.


I. We will Report Data Accurately and Consistently

  • We will be honest in the way we gather, report and analyze the findings of our investigations and learn the lessons of what we learn from our investigation.
  • We will seek to gain understanding of the communities, individuals and issues that will benefit each other, and to make a positive contribution to the community and society.
  • We will hold factual information in editorials and other opinion pieces to the same standards of accuracy as news stories.
  • We will treat information from unofficial sources, which may include social media, with skepticism and will seek to corroborate information.
  • When considering news content created outside of the Network, we will factor the credibility of the source and weigh the value and accuracy of information provided.

II. We will Explain Complex Concepts

  • When sharing editorials and other opinion articles, we will encourage and promote views that foster understanding, insight and civil discourse. We seek to offer viewpoints that represent various views on a particular topic.
  • We will consider providing free access to some news coverage during public safety emergencies and as a public service when appropriate, such as elections.

III. Holding up to High Standards

  • We will correct errors promptly.
  • We also will share attempts to reach sources who add value to the story.
  • We will use confidential sources as the sole basis for published information only as a last resort.

IV. Maintaining an Objective Point of View

  • We will remain free of outside interests, investments or business relationships that may compromise the credibility of our reporting.
  • We will not support political campaigns or causes through the display of bumper stickers, signs, pins, public/private donations, participation in demonstrations, petitions or in social media posts.
  • Individual viewpoints that might cause readers to question our impartiality in news coverage should remain private. This principle does not apply to those who are paid to write and share opinion.
  • We will avoid potential conflicts of interest and eliminate inappropriate influence on content.
  • We will be free of improper obligations to news sources, newsmakers and advertisers.
  • We will not blur the line between advertising and editorial content. We will provide appropriate disclosures, exercise transparency and avoid actual or implicit commercial endorsements by our journalists.
  • When sponsorships of news are appropriate, we will not allow them to determine, change or restrict content.

V. We will Always Maintain Our Integrity

  • We will act ethically in dealing with sources and to our colleagues
  • We will be conscientious in observing these principles.
  • We will not plagiarize or fabricate information.
  • We will not alter photos, video or audio to misrepresent data or mislead audiences.