Growth Hacking Recommended Tools

These tools will help you assemble your Automated Sales Process.

Our names are Raymond Fong and Chad Riddersen and we’re the co-authors of “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret,” a book on the astounding technique of “growth hacking” geared for business owners.

Inside the book, we describe the process for assembling an Automated Sales Process™ (ASP™) which helps you create leverage and scalability in your business. And as a part of that process, we recommend (and at times, “insist”) that you use various tools to make the process more efficient and powerful. Below are those tools. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it is a great starting point.

ASP™ - Attraction

  • SimilarWeb – useful tool to find similar websites
  • Google Ads – great Pay Per Click (PPC) online advertising program
  • Keyword Planner – helps you discover “keywords” to bid on using PPC
  • Facebook Ads – demographics based advertising platform

ASP™ - First Impression

  • Namecheap – simple to use domain registrar (for registering your website’s domain)
  • WordPress – our recommended platform/tool for creating a website
  • BrowserStack – for checking compatibility of your website on various (mobile) devices
  • Pressable – our preferred affordable WordPress host
  • Kinsta – for more advanced WordPress hosting needs

ASP™ - Follow-Up

  • Mailchimp – email autoresponder
  • Twilio – text message autoresponder
  • SendOutCards – direct mail autoresponder
  • – amazing automated “handwritten” direct mail

ASP™ - Engage & Educate

  • Google Analytics – analytics tool for tracking and monitoring the activities on your website
  • Klipfolio – dashboard tool for aggregating and displaying your critical online data
  • The Ultimate Sales Letter – your fastest start to learning copywriting

ASP™ - Sales Technology

  • ScheduleOnce – online calendar for automating appointment setting
  • 1ShoppingCart – online shopping cart (an oldie but a goodie)
  • SamCart – new popular kid (shopping cart) on the block
  • PayPal – the easy way out (to getting a shopping cart)
  • Snagit – quick and easy screen capture tool (for images and videos)
  • Zapier – automation tool that weaves and connects various online tools together
  • Upwork – for helping you find workers through outsourcing
  • Wistia – speedy and reliable video hosting service
  • Salesforce – techy CRM
  • Hubspot – user-friendly CRM

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