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Our front-end engineers specialize in optimized, high-performance landing pages that load in the blink of an eye.
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As page load time goes from:
1 to 3s the probability of bounce increases 32%
1 to 5s the probability of bounce increases 90%
1 to 6s the probability of bounce increases 106%
1 to 10s the probability of bounce increases 123%

The Problem: Slow, Bloated Landing Pages 

High-performing landing pages are essential for converting visitors and driving growth. But most businesses still rely on generic page builders that generate bloated, slow-loading pages. The result? Unoptimized landing pages with: 

  • Slow load times from excessive images and scripts
  • Clunky user experience from autogenerated code
  • Poor conversions from lack of customization

These common missteps stop your potential customers  and conversions  in their tracks . 

The Solution: Custom Landing Pages 

At Deviate Labs, we build landing pages from the ground up focused on speed and performance. Our optimized development process includes: 

  • Lightweight Custom Code: We hand-code pages without bulky page builders, writing clean, streamlined HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  • Image Optimization: All images are compressed, resized for fast loading, and lazy loaded to appear only when needed.
  • Minified Scripts: Code files are minified and consolidated to minimize network requests.
  • Google Cloud Hosting: We host our custom pages on Google Cloud for blazing fast server response times.
  • Mobile-First Design: We design for mobile before enhancing for desktop to emphasize fast loading on all devices.
  • Performance Testing: We test pages using the Lighthouse suite, Google's recommendation for SEO.
  • Ongoing Optimization: After launch, we continuously monitor and improve page speed based on field performance.

The result? Landing pages that load instantly, engage visitors, and drive conversions. 

Glossary: Landing Page Benchmarks 

Learn some of the essential terminology we’ll use to analyze and optimize your landing pages. 
First Contentful Paint
The time at which the first text appears on your landing page is its First Contentful Paint. We aim to keep this under one second for a rapid first impression — and lower bounce rates.
Total Blocking Time
Total Blocking Time represents how long the page is unresponsive to clicks. We keep this under 200ms to avoid laggy or frozen pages that will cause confusion for your landing page's users.
Cumulative Layout Shift
Cumulative Layout Shift measures how much the elements on a page jump around as the page loads. These unpredictable jumps are annoying and off-putting for users, so we always keep CLS under 0.05.
Largest Contentful Paint
The time when the largest element on the screen is known as the page's Largest Contentful Paint. We aim for 2.5s LCP because this has metric the biggest impact on a user's perception of load time, and a fast load time is essential to increasing the user's time on your landing page.
I've been working with the Deviate Labs team for over a year now and it has been a fantastic experience! As our project has evolved, the team was able to adapt and optimize for each stage. Deviate Labs is a creative and resourceful team with many facets of expertise — I highly recommend their services.
—Manat MacLeod @ SMART Technologies 

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