Top 11 of the Best Growth Marketing Agencies in the US

Modern “growth marketers” are a marriage of clever “growth hacks” coupled with the methodical tradition of “digital marketers”.

While the individuals may not be as widely known as Don Draper on Mad Men, the iconic institutions they have catapulted into household names are.

The first legion of savvy “internet marketers” were born as America was rapidly thrust online faster than any other nation in the world as the aptly named “America Online (AOL)” flooded mailboxes with CDs offering hours and hours of free service. As a testament to America’s culture of marketing, AOL CD disks are now considered collectibles!

As internet hours were supplemented by all-you-can-surf services, a new generation of “digital marketers” made their mark. Hotmail couldn’t afford to advertise their free email service, so they elected to append “P.S. Get your free email at Hotmail.” This no-cost marketing tactic led to viral growth and an acquisition by a budding Microsoft. A decade later, a marketing “growth hacker” at Apple swiped this tactic with “Sent from my iPhone” signatures and produced a similarly viral sensation.

As a spirit of “growth hacking” was instilled in marketers in the 2010s on the hunt for resourceful and “viral” tactics, Dropbox emerged as an early tech “unicorn” having incentivized sharing with their “give space, get space” tactic. Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox who conceived the campaign, was inspired by PayPal’s “give $10, get $10” tactic several years before.

Modern “growth marketers” are a marriage of clever “growth hacks” coupled with the methodical tradition of “digital marketers” that aren’t afraid to invest the resources required to reach-out to every eligible individual, so long as there is a profitable return.

Below you will find a list of the top growth marketing agencies in the United States that have what it takes to bring your business to the next level:

1. Deviate Labs

Location: Los Angeles and Seattle, USA

Founded: 2014 by Raymond Fong and Chad Riddersen

Deviate Labs, a US based marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, is a boutique growth marketing agency founded by the authors of one of the best-selling books on the topic of growth hack marketing, “Growth Hacking: Silicon Valley’s Best Kept Secret.” Deviate Labs is known for creatively cross-pollinating digital marketing tactics across industries and swiping emerging growth tactics from small startups and deploying them across large enterprises. Undergirding their tactical execution is a widely-adopted growth hacking framework, the ASP™ (Automated Sales Process™) Sales Flywheel, that was first introduced in their popular growth marketing book.

Notable clients include Dollar Shave Club, Automattic, SMART Technologies, Hello Bello, A Bad Think, and Shark Tank.

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2. Ninja Promo

Location: New York | London | Dubai | Hong Kong

Founded: 2017 by Slava Kaspiarovich

Contact: [email protected]

As a full-service agency, Ninja Promo has experts who specialize in every aspect of digital marketing. This gives them the confidence that, whatever stage of growth a business is in, they can craft the ideal marketing strategy it needs. They have helped many clients improve their performance.

Notable clients include Burger King, Nestle, HTX, BitForex, Atom

3. NoGood

Location: New York City, USA

Founded: 2017 by Mostafa Elbermawy

NoGood focuses its growth marketing powers in B2B, SaaS, E-commerce, and DTC. Its recent TechCrunch community verification speaks to its street cred among tech startups. Clearly, NoGood’s data-first approach has helped it carve out an empirical and trusted name for itself. A special point of pride for NoGood is generating noteworthy ROI’s while saving clients thousands. Employee experience in fast-growing VC-backed startups means NoGood will deliver digital growth for your company, and fast.

Notable clients include Amazon, Nike, Citi, Microsoft, P&G, Southern Marsh, and Steer.

4. Deutsch

Location: Los Angeles and New York City, USA

Founded: 1969 by David Deutsch

Contact: [email protected] (Los Angeles) and [email protected] (New York City)

David Deutsch’s namesake company has been an enduring giant on the growth marketing scene. Offering a full toolbox of services, Deutsch has the diversity of experiences and approaches to help your company whatever its need or niche. Deutsch excels in both digital and experiential marketing. This “business-building machine” is poised to continue generating the same success for clients as it has for decades.

Notable clients include Busch Beer, Eminem, Taco Bell, Reebok, Target, and Snapple.

5. Ueno

Location: San Francisco, USA

Founded: 2014 by Haraldur Thorleifsson

Contact: [email protected]

It didn’t take long for Ueno to emerge as an expert player in the growth marketing game. The tech giants dominating Ueno’s client list show the agency’s dedication to its West Coast roots; but heritage companies like The New York Times and Sotheby’s show Ueno’s services help elevate any client. Driven by values of unity, authenticity, problem solving, and newness, Ueno surpasses client expectations to deliver outstanding results.

Notable clients include Google, Facebook, Uber, Reuter, Sotheby’s, Visa, Red Bull, and ESPN.

6. VaynerMedia

Location: New York City, USA

Founded: 2009 by AJ Vaynerchuk and Gary Vaynerchuk

VaynerMedia is an expert in storytelling. With a speciality in social-first, highly narrative marketing, VaynerMedia can help you craft a story to pull on heartstrings, make an ad to put smiles on faces, and a myriad more ways to reach your customers. VaynerMedia helps with every step in the process: laying the infrastructure to inform marketing strategy to executing advertising campaigns to perfection. Under CEO Gary Vynerchuk, VaynerMedia helps clients meet their goals with flair.

Notable clients include Budweiser, Sabra, Planters, Hard Rock, and Good Morning America.

7. Wondersauce

Location: New York City, USA

Founded: 2011 by John Sampogna

Contact: [email protected]

Founder John Sampogna set out to bring something different to the world of growth marketing when he founded Wondersauce in 2011. Nearing a decade later, the company’s focus on transparency and collaboration has brought them far. Wondersauce helps clients of all sizes and stages, having helped with dozens of digital launches as well as iterative projects for established companies across the globe. Under the philosophy that all aspects of a business are connected, Wondersauce is a full service online advertising agency ready to help companies with Ecommerce, Digital Experiences, Social Campaigns, Media, Branding, and Content Production.

Notable clients include Scotts, Corpus, Girlboss, Tabasco, MindBodyGreen, and GQ.

8. Edelman

Location: Chicago, USA

Founded: 1952 by Dan Edelman

Identifying as a communications firm, Edelman works with companies around the world to “evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations.” With a huge pool of international talent to pull upon, Edelman delivers custom fit and creative solutions. Driven by values and prioritizing trust, Edelman is a socially conscious growth marketing company dedicated to serving you responsibly, and helping guide your actions to be so too. Edelman’s broad offering of capabilities, plus the extra layer of industry-specific focus allows Edelman to understand and surpass their clients’ needs.

Notable clients include Nissan, Taco Bell, Dove, Oatly, UPSA, Asics, Uncle Ben’s, and KFC.

9. Leo Burnett

Location: Chicago, USA

Founded: 1935 by Leo Burnett

The grandfather of growth marketing, the Leo Burnett Company had been helping clients launch, sustain, and grow for nearly a century. With offices in 85 countries, Leo Burnett is there to serve you. Leo Burnett states their simple secret to success: “put a brand’s purpose at the center of communications to truly connect with people and use creativity to drive business results for clients.” Utilizing diverse capabilities, from production to shopper marketing, Leo Burnett will bring its tried and true approach to help your company meet its goals.

Notable clients include Doritos, Fiat, Wingstop, Bank of America, Cathay Pacific, and McDonald’s.

10. Bullish

Location: New York City, USA

Founded: 2015 by Michael Duda

Contact: [email protected]

Mere years after its founding, Bullish has skyrocketed to the elite growth marketing scene through talent, ingenuity, and flexibility to help clients grow. “One part strategic creative agency and one part early-stage consumer investment firm,” Bullish is ready to bring new companies the same rapid and high quality growth. Named a top company by AdAge and verified by TechCrunch, Bullish's accolades are numerous. Bullish has boiled down its nuanced offerings into four overarching categories: strategy, innovation, communications, and investing. If you’re a pre-launch business, early-stage brand, brand leader, private equity firm, investment firm, or an investor, Bullish is ready to apply its internet marketing expertise to help you.

Notable clients include Birchbox, Casper, Citibank, DirecTV, Google, TripAdvisor, Under Armour and Vineyard Vines.

11. Publicis Sapient

Location: Boston, USA

Founded: 1990 by Jerry Greenberg and Stuart Moore

Publicis Sapient labels itself as a “digital business transformation partner” due to its astute utilization of technology to help companies dictate their future. Publicis Sapient has experience applying its model to business at all stages of the S-curve. Starting with a foundation of realism, Publicis Sapient builds clients digital endeavors out to surpass their dreams. This company will help you fill the gap between “now” and “next” with “how.”

Notable clients include Bang and Olufsen, Nationwide, Walmart, Eileen Fisher, and Nissan.

12. Razorfish (Bonus)

Location: New York City, USA

Founded: 1995 by Craig M. Kanarick and Jeff Dachis

Contact: [email protected]

Razorfish, a renowned growth hacking agency, helped shape the growth marketing industry. With a people-centric approach, Razorfish has understood and met the individual needs of each of its clients – and their subsequent consumers – to generate success for decades. Razorfish offers several specialized areas of service: Brand Building, Experience Innovation, Data & Analytics, Marketing Engagement, Technology, and Commerce.

Notable clients include Marriott, Dove, Nike, Citibank, Unilever, H&R Block, and Samsung.

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