Growth Story: Tipping Development

Tipping Development is a high-end residential and commercial real estate developer in Southern California.  We helped them double sales over a 12 month period of time.  Here’s what we did…


Tipping Development was founded in the aftermath of the 2007-2008 financial crisis and ensuing real estate crash (which was particularly acute in the Southern California real estate market).  The owner, Rich Tipping, had spent his 25+ year career working with a well-respected real estate developer and when there was the proverbial “blood in the water” he capitalized on the opportunity to enter the market when real estate assets were selling for pennies on the dollar.  Given that Rich had experienced several real estate market cycles first-hand, he cunningly hedged the cyclicality of real estate by establishing both a development division as well as a general contracting division and investing in both residential and commercial assets.  In the haste to acquire real estate assets at historically low prices, there was very little concern on branding and the overall digital presence. (a screenshot of the first website is below)



As real estate prices began to appreciate and the market began to get increasingly competitive, Tipping Development retained Deviate Labs to fix the issues that were inhibiting growth, all of which pertained to client acquisition on the digital side.


After our signature deep-dive strategy session with the Tipping Development team, we felt confident that our efforts could drive several million dollars in incremental revenue!


One of the biggest discoveries was that the Tipping Development customer base was almost exclusively wealthy individuals that had immigrated from China to the U.S. and, although they preferred to do business with an American real estate developer and communicate in English, they predominately spoke Chinese in non-business settings with family and friends.  With that knowledge, we differentiated Tipping Development by offering a dedicated Chinese version of the site which enabled Tipping Development to develop immediate trust and rapport in a way that every other American real estate developer had overlooked.


We also discovered that the vast majority of the customer base came through from architect recommendations.  Therefore, we crafted a dedicated section that spoke specifically to architects (all the other developers had overlook this because architects were not the end customer).  The “for architects” section emphasized the reasons architects love recommending Tipping Development to their clients (for example, many architects are at-risk of a lawsuit should anything happen to the integrity of the structure; therefore, we emphasized Tipping Development’s extreme attention-to-detail and rock-solid craftsmanship which helps mitigate the architect’s legal risk) and the results from this messaging have paid off enormously!


The list of strategic considerations we discovered and implemented could go on and on but we want to be sensitive to your time.  Here are some screenshots from the new site we built for Tipping Development. (if you want to know what else we did strategically, we can tell you more when we talk on the phone… the most interesting tactics are the ones we manage for Tipping Development on an ongoing basis).



The return on Tipping Development’s investment was almost immediate.  they landed a $1+ million deal the first week we went live!  Since launch, we have been working with Tipping Development on an on-going basis and they have been able to double sales over a twelve month period of time!  If you work in and around the real estate or construction industry we have accumulated a deep domain knowledge and we are confident we can help you out.