Growth Story: SoCal TMS

Southern California TMS (SoCal TMS) is dedicated to the treatment of clinical depression using a breakthrough FDA approved therapy, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. With a half dozen clinics throughout Southern California, SoCal TMS is the largest TMS provider in the Western United States.


Founded in 2009, SoCal TMS is expanding at an unprecedented rate for their industry and has helped thousands of grateful patients. The biggest challenge the company faces is that many eligible candidates are completely unaware of TMS therapy as it is still a very new treatment. As such, SoCal TMS looked to Deviate Labs to not only drive awareness, but to drive awareness in a manner that would directly translate into clients.


In a short period of time, Deviate Labs built several highly profitable customer acquisition channels ranging from search to social. Not only did Deviate Labs methodically acquire leads, we also helped SoCal TMS stay in front of leads with a comprehensive email nurture and display ad remarketing campaign. In this growth story we will talk about the Facebook ad that “went viral” and a unique co-marketing arrangement we facilitated.





Before Deviate Labs kicks off marketing initiatives, we assess whether the client is able to operationally handle a massive influx in leads. While SoCal TMS had the facility capacity, we identified and remedied a potential bottleneck they never knew existed. At SoCal TMS, one individual was tasked with manually following up with each prospective client. While it would have been possible to hire a second individual to assist with the follow-up when lead-flow increased, we proposed a solution that ultimately saved a significant amount of money and time.


Deviate Labs analyzed the follow-up communication the Director of Patient Relations would send and the common questions and concerns. With that understanding, Deviate Labs crafted an automated email sequence that mimicked the average frequency and sales cycle length of a typical prospect, with copywriting designed match the Director’s tone of voice. Not only did the follow-up communication automation enable SoCal TMS to hold-off on hiring a new employee, it freed up hours of time for the Director of Patient Relations who no longer had to worry about sending so many follow-up emails.



After implementing automation to address the bottleneck, we were ready to scale customer acquisition. SoCal TMS had an active search ad campaign that had been optimized around driving down cost per click.  While that doesn’t sound bad, when we injected intelligence into the full customer acquisition funnel we were able to start optimizing for cost per patient lead.  As one might expect, low-cost clicks don’t necessarily translate into low-cost leads; and by measuring success deeper down the funnel we were able to dramatically improve ad effectiveness.


While search advertising does a good job of attracting people who are actively seeking a solution, most of the target audience had completely given up hope for treating their depression. As such, we looked to social media to drive awareness for prospective patients and friends and family of prospective patients, and do so in a way that would inspire action.


Deviate Labs designed and tested a wide variety of ads and promoted posts on a quest to find the one ad that really resonated. Once we had that perfect fit, something magical began to happen, people starting sharing and commenting like crazy! One post reached over 90,000 people, got over 350 likes, had over 40 comments, and was shared over 175 times. In the comments, people were telling personal stories of depression, hope, and their experiences with TMS. That kind of exposure and engagement was invaluable and led to a flood of new patients.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.45.01 PM



During our signature deep-dive diligence, we discovered some amazingly valuable assets that were collecting dust in a far-off corner of SoCal TMS’s website. Several years ago the company had been featured on the CBS talk show, The Doctors, one of the best media mentions one could possible get in the medical industry. This media became the cornerstone piece of content in our awareness campaign and has led to a continuous flow of patients.


A few months into our engagement, celebrity comedian and former patient, Neal Brennan, gave an amazing (unsolicited) endorsement of his TMS therapy during his captivating interview on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah as he shared his experience battling with depression. We immediately procured a video clip and replicated the same success we were able to generate with The Doctors content. From ad units to ad targeting to landing page content to email content, we built entire funnels around the media mentions and the have become the hallmark of SoCal TMS’s massive success.


Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.44.31 PM



SoCal TMS’s amazing growth story quickly started capturing the attention of individuals in the industry, notably, one of their vendors. With Deviate Labs’s assistance, we helped SoCal TMS pitch the vendor on a win-win co-marketing arrangement. Excited to apportion their ad buys to a campaign where the vendor could measure return-on-investment, we locked-in a dollar-for-dollar Pandora radio and display ad campaign targeting the Southern California region. Deviate Labs is working in parallel with the vendor’s ad agency to craft creatives with complementary messaging to maximize the success of the ad buy. We look forward to sharing these results with you in the near future!



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