Growth Story: Happyning

Happyning is a location-based, mobile social app that crowdsources hashtags to identify events happening around you.


Happyning helps you answer the question “what do I feel like doing right now?” Whether it’s a regular Friday night, a day trip to a new city, or a week at SXSW, Happyning takes local trending events and puts them on the map so you can join in.


Happyning had raised a modest friends and family round of capital to fund product development and take the product to market.  In order to raise the next round of capital the Happyning team needed to demonstrate user traction.  When internal user acquisition efforts didn’t work out, Happyning sought a growth hacking team to quickly drive growth before they ran out of cash.


In a matter of weeks, Deviate Labs was able to deliver a successful Product Hunt launch, land PR on, drive downloads through app store optimization, and a number of other things to drive downloads which ultimately lead to a successful capital raise.



AppStore Video and Generating Positive Reviews

Despite having a beautifully designed, functioning app, Happyning had little traction within the app store. With over 4 million apps available on Apple and Google Play combined, Deviate Labs knew that this presence was crucial to gaining respect later on with influencers during the Product Hunt launch. Deviate Labs  immediately executed a plan of attack.


During the strategy phase, Deviate Labs paid close attention to the storyline, music, visuals and messaging that would resonate with target demographics the most. The result was a sleek demo video that left a lasting impression on users while in the download decision phase. Deviate Labs produced the demo video in-house for both Apple and Android app stores, as well as for promotion on the internet.


In addition to the demo video, Deviate Labs conducted grassroots efforts to obtain app reviews. Efforts included researching and contacting app review Youtube channels, websites and blogs, as well as individuals. Within 48 hours, we gathered over 50 positive reviews (4+stars) of Happyning within the app store.



Now that Happyning had a solid app store and web presence with peer validation, they were ready to make the leap to Product Hunt.


Product Hunt is a website and daily email listing that curates the most innovative products around the world. The site is heavily frequented by investors and tech tastemakers and relies on upvotes to track which trending products have the potential to become the next big thing. A product can only launch on Product Hunt once and because of the website’s prestige, launching on Product Hunt is a huge undertaking that requires strong strategy and planning to ensure success.


When launching on Product Hunt, the goal is to land on the trending charts by receiving a large quantity of upvotes within a short amount of time. The amount of upvotes is equally important to the quality of votes — visitors pay attention to well-known influencers and Product Hunt veterans whose opinions are trusted.


Deviate Labs walked Happyning through every step of the way, writing the messaging, setting up a strongly optimized page and finding the exact hour and day of week to launch for the best results. We prepped the founders with talking points and pre-approved responses depending on which questions were asked in the comments section and strategized how to stimulate conversation and engage site visitors. Every element and scenario was planned to a T.


Even more, Deviate Labs also conducted an outreach campaign to influencers leading up to the launch. We created a long of list of Product Hunt influencers, let them know about the upcoming product launch and scheduled conversations with Happyning’s founders to discuss the app. Deviate Labs was able to win over the hearts of a half dozen key influencers that spread the word on Twitter.




The Big Launch – Product Hunt

The launch time arrived, and the work had only just begun. It was now a race against the clock and other apps to receive the most amount of buzz to make it into the top 20 coveted trending spots. The founders were prepared to follow all of the steps in the plan and acted accordingly — posting their Maker bios and responding to questions and comments.


As soon as the launch page posted, Deviate Labs tweeted 100+ Product Hunt influencers to notify them that the page was live, posted the page in a number of Reddit and Facebook groups with large followings.





The Product Hunt launch was a success! Happyning received 174 upvotes and made it to the trending list on the home page. The app also received a special shout out from the founding team Product Hunt account on Twitter. Contacting the influencers beforehand via Twitter, phone and email definitely made the difference for a successful launch with buzz and solid upvotes versus a launch to crickets.


Following the launch a number of publications took note including The PR propelled downloads further and provided excellent proof points during investor discussions.




Happyning was an early stage mobile application looking to demonstrate credibility for investors.


By working with Deviate Labs, Happyning received notable buzz and press, strong reviews, an app demo video and a successful Product Hunt launch. Using this evidence of traction, Happyning was well-equipped for discussions with investors and successful secured financing.