Growth Story: Athlon Legal

Athlon Legal is a solo practitioner legal practice that focuses on the estate-planning niche. Like most legal practitioners, 99% of Justin Shiau’s business came from referrals. Justin was getting frustrated with the inability to accelerate his growth rate as his growth hinged on his pre-existing client base. Here is what we did to unhinge Justin from referral-only growth and help him reach his ambitious goals:


Before working with us, Athlon Legal was trying to be all-things to all-people. They were emphasizing a variety of different services pertaining to business law when they no longer wanted to offer business legal services. Additionally, they were trying to act like a huge law firm but they didn’t have the resources to even get the content populated and maintained on the site. Here are a few screenshots from before:



After our signature deep-dive strategy session with the owner of Athlon Legal, Justin, we estimated that our efforts would quickly take Athlon Legal from an overworked solo-practitioner to his ambitious goal of having a large staff and multiple offices!


One of the biggest discoveries was that the vast majority of his clientele lived within a 25-mile radius of his office in Pasadena. Because of this discovery, we crafted copy and used images that alluded to the geographic location. The signals we chose were clear enough to resonate with his local audience, but positioned so that they would still appeal to individuals outside of that radius (as he didn’t want to sacrifice any potential leads as his practice grew.)


Perhaps the most influential discovery was a behavior observation pertaining to his “best” clients. As we drilled down on the characteristics of his “best” clients, we uncovered that they almost always considered or attempted a DIY legal service, like LegalZoom, to prepare their estate. Because of this, we inserted phrases next to the key call-to-action (book a free consultation) that prier at the subconscious fear (and risk) of DIY legal saying “If you think you need an attorney, you probably do” and “Considering DIY legal but worried about making a mistake?”


Here are some screenshots to give you a sense for what the finished product looked like:



Immediately after launching the site, the referrals started piling in!  The success quickly captured the attention of other solo practitioners and Justin Shiau was asked to speak about his success at the UCLA School of Law just weeks after everything went live!