Growth Story: Alexander Marine USA

Alexander Marine USA is a multi-million dollar high-end luxury yacht broker. They came to us wanting a digital presence that was consistent with the high-end yachts they were selling and would consistently cultivate leads for their brokers to follow-up on. Here’s what we did for them:


Before working with us, Alexander Marine USA was driving people to their uninspiring Yacht World page (see below.)



Having a stand-alone presence online was an obvious necessity. The less obvious need was how to build a sales asset that generated hot leads for their yacht brokers to follow-up on. After a deep-dive strategy session, (this is what we are famous for,) we discovered something phenomenally valuable.


At first blush, their typical “buyer” is a male in his retired “golden years” in life—but if you dive deeper you discover that the buyer is typically a married male… and, like any good husband, the final buying decision rested with the wife!


As such, we made something very visual, with boat listing pages feeling like Pinterest, and weaving in copy that resonated with a female audience (among a number of other things.) Here are some screenshots of the end result:



Within a few days after launching the new presence online, Alexander Marine USA was getting flooded with new inquiries and is on pace to far exceed their yearly yacht sales goal!