Growth Story: Alert Insulation

Alert Insulation has an incredible roster of clients ranging from the Walt Disney Concert Hall, to Universal Studios, to Los Angeles International Airport.  What’s crazy is that not a single client had come through their presence online. Like a lot of businesses in more “traditional” industries, all their clients were through word-of-mouth referrals. This sucks because you can’t really do much to grow that. Here’s what we did for Alert Insulation to accelerate their growth:


Before we tell you what we did, take a look at their old web presence One of their suppliers built it for them in 2006 for $0—and they got what they paid for.


a before shot of the
Alert Insulation Website


We actually approached Alert Insulation, unsolicited, because we were confident we could get them a dramatic return on investment (and we did. After telling them all the different things we were going to do to help drive growth, they finally pulled the trigger with us saying “worst case scenario, at least we will have a website that isn’t embarrassing to show people when we fill out RFPs.”  Fortunately for them, we dramatically exceeded their expectations.


After the deep-dive strategy session, we learned something really interesting about Alert Insulation… they do much more than insulation! They have a huge fire proofing division and acoustical ceiling division – both of which have better margins and more growth potential than the highly-competitive insulation division. So, we rebuilt Alert Insulation’s presence not just to grow their insulation business, but to provide a launch pad for their fire proofing and acoustical ceiling business!


Once we established the high-level growth strategy, we started layering in a multitude of tactical growth hacks. For example, we revamped the logo in a way that de-emphasized the “insulation” component and created dedicated pages and copy for each specific division.  In the headline (which they didn’t even have before,) we emphasized all three services so that it would be easily indexed by search engines and clearly noticed when visitors arrived.


an after shot of the
Alert Insulation Website


There are a million other tactical implementations that supported the high-level strategy, but we can tell you about those later. Here is the super-polished and professional, high-converting site we built for them!


The results were immediate.  Within 6 hours they had already generated a 6-figure lead-which makes for a mouth-watering return-on-investment!